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Members can browse and borrow our collection, pick up the books at our PMQ corner, attend special events and activities.

Apply for a Library Card at PMQ Location, Block B, Room H210
Hong Kong residents can borrow physical books, please visit our location at PMQ with proof of ID and address to complete the application for a physical card.

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Our standard full membership (Age 17 or above) is 200/year


Young person and children (Age 16 or below) is free of charge

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Teenager Members only for age 16 or below young person and children
If your HKID is Z123456 (7), Please enter Z1234567

***Terms and Conditions of Library Card

  • Present the library card each time library materials are borrowed
  • The library card is not transferable
  • The library card is valid one year from the issue date
  • The library card owner is responsible for all materials borrowed on the card and to comply and to agree with library term of use, rules and policies