About Us

The Biblioteca Italian Library is an essential place for the Italian Community, open to a local and International audience interested in Italian culture and literature.

It was born on the ideals of open access to knowledge and opportunity for all Italian readers in Hong Kong. Still, as we aim to build a massive community around Italian Culture, we are providing to collect a selection of books in English, exploring Italy and its excellences: fashion, art, design and architecture, food and wine, luxury goods.

Where are the books from?

All the books come from private donations, from Hong Kong and also from Italy.

Thanks to the generosity of all the people involved, the Biblioteca Italian Library will be an unforgettable voyage of literary discovery through a starting collection of 1,000 books, selected carefully by novels, fiction, poetry and classics, essay and biography with a comprehensive selection of children’s books and comics.

The Italian Library will work as a Public Library: become a member and join all the events and activities.